Cole Hauser Spills the Beans on “Yellowstone” Season 5: See the Episode Names Here

Season 5 is the last season of the show and it has 14 episodes. But they are split into two parts:

Part 1 of season 5 was on TV from November 13, 2022 to January 1, 2023 on Paramount Network. 

In season 5, John Dutton becomes the leader of Montana and tries to save his land from his rivals. 

He makes his daughter Beth his main helper and faces a new enemy named Caroline Warner.

The other characters also have their own troubles and fights, 

Such as Jamie and Sarah, Monica and Kayce, Rip and the cowboys, and Rainwater and his people.

The episodes have different names and stories, but they are all about power and its cost.

 Some of the names are "One Hundred Years Is Nothing", "The Sting of Wisdom", "A Knife and No Coin", etc.

The show is very popular and has many fans who like the action, drama, and scenery of the show. 

It also has some other shows that will continue the story of the Yellowstone world.

The show is made by Taylor Sheridan, who is also a writer, director, and actor.