Fans of ‘Yellowstone’ are eagerly waiting for the fifth and final season.

There is uncertainty about the return date and Kevin Costner’s involvement.

Fans rewatching the series have noticed some plot holes.

One plot hole involves a scene in the season 4 finale where Beth sees Jamie disposing of his father’s body.

In a later episode, Jamie tells Beth about the “train station,” and she is surprised.

A Reddit post points out that Beth should already know about the train station as she was waiting for Jamie there in a previous episode.

Some fans think Beth followed Jamie to the location, while others find this unlikely.

The scene in question is from season 4, episode 10, where Beth approaches Jamie as he removes the body.

In season 5, episode 8, Beth confronts her father, John, about the train station and suggests it is Jamie’s place.

The plot hole is open to interpretation, and viewers can watch all episodes on Peacock to form their own opinions.