Yellowstone’s Final Season: Is Kevin Costner Out of the Picture?

Yellowstone, a popular Western drama starring Kevin Costner, will end with Season 5.

Costner, who plays the lead character and 

John Dutton, reportedly wanted to quit the show to work on his own projects.

The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, had a conflict with Costner over the direction of the show.

Season 5 was split into two parts, with the first part airing in late 2022 and the second is at November 2023.

The second part of Season 5 will be the final batch of episodes for the show.

It is uncertain how much Costner will be involved in the final episodes, .

A sequel series to Yellowstone, with a different cast and title, will premiere in December 2023 

The Yellowstone franchise will also continue with other spin-off series, such as 1883 and Tulsa King